George Martin as one of the legendary music producers in the music industry has countless awards, achievements and contributions in the music industry. Being a composer, arranger, conductor and a sound engineer he is very versatile when it comes to music

Music Producer and Director Landrew is Engaged

Music Producer and Director Landrew is Engaged

George Martin: “The Fifth Beatle” music producer

The Great music producer George Martin early years was inspired by music. At six years of age, his family bought a piano to have him interested in music. When he reached the age of eight, he asked for piano lessons but it just lasted for eight lessons because of some circumstances between his mother and the teacher. Being enthusiast in music he didn’t pursue this interest and become quantity surveyor and a after the war.
The music producer is encouraged by Sidney Harrison which before was a member of the new committee for the promotion of music. He used his veteran grant to study and pursue finally his career in music. On his graduation, he worked at BBC’s classical music department and joined EMI Parlophone Records as an assistant. Later years, he had become the music producers of the plays and singles in 1950’s. He produced many novelty records as a music producer. He changed the industry status of the Parlophone from a small company to profiting company business.
Music producer George Martin is titled as “The Fifth Beatle” because of his contributions in the band and composed songs for the band. The partnership happened when the band Beatles auditioned for George Martin in 1962. Martin admitted that the songs performed by Beatles are not that good enough. Then, after the audition piece has asked the members if there was anything they did not like, George Harrison said “Well, there’s your tie, for a start”. The humor has become the turning point and they got the contract with Martin.
Personally, the music producers are intelligent when it comes to music. They can think of new music and invent a new genre. It is amazing to know their experiences and achievements because it can help the aspiring music producers someday. It has been a good thing to know them and be influenced by their love to music. The music producer George Martin is molded with experiences and achievements in the field and so, it has made the music industry become enriched and prosper.
George martin as genius music produces has done many projects, songs and plays that had made the music industry a unique and wealthy in terms of doing music. Martin as a music producer did an excellent job of doing his thing as a one. He had made famous the band “The Beatles” and become one the most recognized and greatest music producer in the world.

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