Phil Spector is a music producer and a songwriter. He is the creator of the music production technique for pop and rock music recordings “The Wall of Sound”. He is the pioneer of the girl groups that is very popular today. He also produced some of the

Music Producer and Director Landrew is Engaged

Music Producer and Director Landrew is Engaged

Phil Spector as a music producer

The early childhood of Spector is colorful as he learned to play guitar on his teenage years and performed at schools showing his talent. He joined a community of musicians which later they formed a band and had its record release. It has been the first record release of Spector. He formed a group named “The Teddy Bears”. By this time music producer Stan Ross handled Spector and became his mentor that led him to be a music producer also.
Philip Spector as a music producer had its boom in his career in 1960’s when his band is disbanded. Ronnie Crawford is his first recording artist and it means a lot because here his music producer skills will be tested. In late 1961, Spector formed a record company with Lester Sill. Philles records are the agreed name of their Record Company which is their combined names. He continued to produce music artists. He suddenly leaves for awhile in 1966 to marry Veronica Benett which is the lead singer for Ronnettes.
The music producer had its comeback in the year 1969 by signing at the A&M Records which is an American based record label owned by Universal Music Group. He worked with many production techniques that made some of the new arranged songs for the Beatles. He produced singles to ach of the members of the Beatles. The album “Let it Be” is the most popular and gained spot in the Billboard charts Hot 100. It is popular and known in the U.S. and U.K. charts. The album also is a hit to most listeners at that time. In the years of 1970, Spector is becoming to act weird as become isolated. His biographer Dave Thompson said that it is the aftermath of his near death accident that gave him 300 stitches to his face and 400 stitches to his head. It is a miracle that the music producer lived after his car crash in Hollywood. He became weird that he wears unusual wig and become violent as some of his friends encountered with him holding a gun pointing at them. Spector became inactive for the years 1980 to 200’s. But he had some other commitments that made him still seen in the industry.
Personally, Spector is a great music producer besides other. He had worked with the Beatles which is very popular in their time. It is good to know that he became a part of it. I admire him in his works and achievements. But the only thing is he became violent and that made his career ended. I feel sorry for him because he might have more contributions in the music industry as a music producer.
Spector as a music producer is a brilliant and intelligent artist. His influences as a music producer to different music made him equipped and started his career as a music producer. He made singles and albums that flopped but mostly, there are hit singles and albums that are in the billboard music charts and also to the U.S. and U.K. hit charts. He may end his career with a murder case that led him to imprisonment. He still had many contributions to the music industry.

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