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Music Producer and Director Landrew is Engaged

Music Producer and Director Landrew is Engaged

Brandy and Music Producer Ryan Press Are Engaged

Brandy celebrated Christmas this year by getting engaged to Ryan Press, her music producer boyfriend.
According to a new report, Brandy Norwood, better known as Brandy, is engaged to Ryan Press.
“They are thrilled and happy and Brandy feels this is so right,” an insider tells Us Weekly, the weekly celebrity and entertainment magazine.
Before Brandy, 33, accepted Ryan’s proposal, she expressed her interest in marrying the music producer.
“I keep hearing about a ring. People keep calling me, hinting to me about it, but I don’t know,” Brandy told Sister2Sister magazine, the entertainment and lifestyle magazine for women, in August. “I’m going to be patient and let it happen and just let it be … I guess it will happen when it’s the right time.”
Brandy ended her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Robert Smith, whom he had a daughter with by the name of Sy’rai, and since then the singer lost her faith in love. However, Ryan reportedly restored her faith in love.
“I had given up on love a long time ago. It just didn’t seem to work for me, so I was single for a very long time,” Brandy said. “I stopped looking for love and then I ran into my boyfriend. He just loves me for who I am. I don’t have to camouflage anything for him or put on a mask. I can completely be myself and he loves me so much and I love him just the way he is, too.”
This will be the first marriage for the singer even though she appeared to be married to Robert during their relationship, which was heavily featured in the reality show “Brandy: Special Delivery.” However, in 2008, Brandy admitted that she was never actually married to Robert. She said they pretended to be married for two years after the singer learned she was pregnant. “I lied because of the fear of what people would think and the pressure to be a good role model,” Brandy told Us Weekly at that time. “Our relationship was very real ? we just weren’t legally married.”
Brandy released her sixth studio album, “Two Eleven,” in October, and she currently stars in BET’s (Black Entertainment Television LLC) hit comedy, “The Game.”

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